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  • By Vodigy
  • Posted 3/2/2018 8:55:05 AM

How Intrusion Prevention Systems Sniff out Sneaky Cyber Attacks

It’s 2018 and in the world of cyber security, this will be an unprecedented year. Of course, last year was also terrifying, but experts warn that what lies ahead is an increase in the quantity and variety of cyberattacks.

As a business, the security of your data is vital to your operations, business continuity, and most importantly your reputation. A cyber attack can be trouble for any business. For a small or medium-sized business, it can be devastating.

While there are many options for dealing with the ever-present threat of cyberattacks, one method that often goes under the radar is an Intrusion Prevention System, or IPS.

What Is An Intrusion Prevention System?

An intrusion prevention system is an automated and proactive form of network monitoring. Everything that comes into and goes out of your network is monitored and analyzed with AI. An IPS isn’t foolproof, but it is one of the best ways for your IT support to uncover suspicious activity in real time.

How Does An IPS Work?

When properly installed and configured by a managed IT services provider, an intrusion prevention system continuously monitors your network for abnormal requests. Traditional antivirus solutions look for previously identified or cataloged malware.

It’s like birdwatching, only the search is for viruses and the watchers are computer programs. Like a birdwatcher who encounters a new specimen, it’s hard for antivirus solutions to know what to do when a piece of malware shows up that isn’t in the catalog.

But like birds, most viruses exhibit behaviors similar to the breeds that have already been identified and studied. An IPS makes it possible to identify questionable behavior from software and network connections, even when the digital equivalent of its feathers and call have never been seen before.

What Can An IPS Protect Me From?

Most businesses are not attacked with brute force, but with sophistication. These attacks are often motivated by a desire to gain access to your company’s network to obtain private information.

This may include company banking information, usernames and passwords -- or in the worst case, sensitive customer information such as financial data. Today, the goal is almost always financial gain rather than outright disruption.

For this reason, most attacks are intended to elude or delay detection until after the information has been leaked or stolen. This is why IPSs constantly monitor your network for signs of malicious activity and takes steps to prevent the intrusion from occuring.

When detected, your IPS may take any of the following steps based on the type of threat presented:
  • Notify your IT support team of the incident
  • Block or drop the malicious program or network connection
  • Identify the source of the suspicious activity and flag all incoming traffic from that address

In addition, specific rules are set up for monitoring and managing the network. Some activities can be blocked outright, while others will require further attention from your IT support team before action is taken.

The bottom line is this: Intrusion protection services elevate your network’s security to enterprise-level protection without the need for costly hardware upgrades or an on-site IT department.

Difference From Intrusion Detection

Another system you may see advertised by managed IT services providers are “intrusion detection systems.” Although similar to IPSs, a detection system only detects the threats that are presented without the proactive steps.

Ready To Enhance Your Security?

With the rising threat of cyber attacks and the ever-present threat of viruses and malware, intrusion protection is a layer of security your business can’t afford to be without. At Vodigy Technologies, we provide high-quality managed IT support and security to businesses just like yours.

Whether you’re interested in intrusion protection or one of the many IT support services we provide, contact Vodigy Technologies and find out how a partnership with Vodigy can empower your business today.


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