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  • By Vodigy
  • Posted 1/18/2018 1:27:21 PM

The Small-Business Owner's Guide to Cloud Phones and Their Benefits

Even in today’s online, fast-paced, text, social media, and email world, everyone still relies on telephones. However, many businesses neglect to keep their telecommunication systems up to date.

What’s more, repairing or upgrading an outdated telephones is costly. Across the country, many Americans are cutting the cord when it comes to landlines. As society at large moves away from analog phones, there’s no reason your small business can’t do the same.

Cloud Phones For Small Business
A cloud phone system is an internet-based phone system that is physically located in a service provider’s datacenter and delivered as a service over the internet (the same as any cloud solution). Internet-based phones replace traditional systems with a sleeker, more modern approach to voice communication that can easily integrate with email, SMS, fax, and more.

There’s a lot to like about cloud phones, and a lot of ways your small business can benefit from them. Here are just a few:

Cost Savings
Your business can avoid costly service fees as well as repair, maintenance, and upgrade expenses associated with traditional phone systems. When compared with average monthly user costs, cloud systems are significantly less expensive than traditional phone systems. At a minimum you should see a 30% reduction in costs, but it’s not uncommon for that number to jump to over 70%.

When was the last time your telephone company upgraded your service free of charge? Never? That’s what we thought. Because it is so easy to switch to a new cloud phone provider, companies like Vodigy regularly issue updates, upgrades, and support at no additional cost to remain competitive.

Easy To Scale
Expanding your office? Need to add another dozen phone lines? With a traditional phone service, rewiring your building and running new phone lines is going to cost you a lot of money and several days of downtime. With cloud systems, your employees won’t experience any interruption of service.

Adding users to a cloud system takes place in the provider’s datacenter, which means changes to your plan are doled out swiftly, easily, and affordably. Cloud systems are pay-as-you-go and can be shrunk or augmented with little more than a phone call.

Enterprise Level System
Cloud phone systems easily approximate the professional level phone systems of Fortune 500 companies. From automated call routing to attendants, message forwarding and detailed reporting, cloud systems offer a powerful phone solution that businesses of all sizes can afford.

Better Customer Service

Cloud systems enable small businesses to handle more customers, more effectively, without sacrificing quality of care. Automatic call recording and routing as well as voicemail transcription and call forwarding allow for a higher level of customer care.

Integration with Other Systems

Cloud systems seamlessly integrate with landlines and calls can be switched between analog and digital numbers with the touch of a button. On the go but need to continue answering your calls? Log into your cloud phone to enjoy all of its features, including making or answering calls from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Business Continuity

Cloud phone systems can be accessed from anywhere, making them the perfect solution to disaster recovery. With cloud systems, a fallen tree taking down a telephone pole or an office power outage won’t slow or stop your ability to keep working.

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use

Considering the level of functionality cloud systems offer, concerns about complexity are understandable. However, with hands-on support from experienced technicians, cloud phones are incredibly simple to set up and use. There’s little hardware or wiring and almost any solution should come with 24/7 helpdesk support.


Cloud phones aren’t tied to a specific device, which means your employees can field calls from almost anywhere. This means your salespeople can spend more time in face-to-face meetings, answer calls during off hours, and takes calls while on international trips.

Ready to Cut the Cord?

Cloud phone systems represent a modern solution to your telephone needs. With powerful tools and exciting features, it’s time your business cut the cord. If you’re interested in discovering what cloud phone systems can do for your small business, or how Vodigy’s solutions can outdo your current provider’s, contact us today!


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